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Me You, and Baby Too
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Me, you, and baby too
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OnePlusOne CX & Brand X

Branding, Web Site, Programmes & Features  

OnePlusOne (charitable government sponsored organisation).

The organization's main specialization is relationship research and training both real life and online. It offers:

1. Online services to help couples and parents help themselves.

2. Provides learning resources to frontline practitioners and volunteers who help families with relationship issues.

3. Promotes a culture where it’s OK to seek relationship help.

4. Builds knowledge in relationships, to inform improved government policies and family services.

The ongoing task: Facilitate and participate in a gradual organization rebranding effort while designing and producing ongoing online and collateral materials, such as features for web sites, banner ads, annual report and and programmes materials. Evaluating online training UX for usability and brand consistency based on the UCD principles.

The challenge: The necessity to make gradual enhancements rather than major overhaul. Taking part in assessing existing brand features and identifying misalignments with the company's existing and intended voice and image, while designing and producing current marketing materials.

Proposed approach to CX strategy: Use company unique user research data to create user base-specific solutions, ease of consumption and overall effective experience, which in turn helps to enhance organization’s image for its user base, and builds brand loyalty. Maintain continuity in both digital and traditional media. Rely more on analytics for identifying gaps in servicing content.

Results. Brand guidelines and CX recommendations were developed. Adaptive web site, multiple programmes materials, including ad campaigns.

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