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UX and Interaction Design

The company. The company's main product is a robust sophisticated data-driven platform designed to provide retail investors and fringe audiences with: 

1. An analytical interactive tools for companies' financial analysis 

2. Financial experts’ opinion

3. A virtual community of individual investors and analysts

The brief. Enhance the UX to increase page views and paid service conversion rate.

The challenge. The platform was designed by MIT engineers and the Wall Street financial analysts. The experts in their respective fields, they recognize the necessity of addressing the UX issues that stemmed from the lack of user research of the main target audience: retail investors and novice analysts, thus making the depth and breadth of data unexposed and non-accessed by the user. 

Proposed UX research.

Better define target audience and conduct user research in the form of user interviews and personas to uncover the shortcomings of the existing UX

The main tasks for gap analysis:  

- based on quantitative usage analysis, what important features are not utilized 

- where existing UI impedes comprehension and UX 

- where copy fails to enhance UX in a ‘user friendly’ way

- what user engagement tools (if any) are used and how

Proposed UX design solution.

1. Redesigned a scalable navigation system around ‘easy to grasp’ metaphor(s), while enhancing visual brand identity

2. Engage user in the easy to understand interaction with the content in the form of the topical Q&A dialogue to facilitate action and increase page views

3. Move pay wall a level down the UI to allow more prior engagement with the content

Stages of implementation.

User flow/use cases for the proposed navigation system 

Wire frames for new interactive features 

Enhenced ‘look and feel’ - visual brand identity

Prototypes for A/B testing 


50% increase in page views

30% increase in conversion rate 

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