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Pembroke Centre for

Persian Studies

Brand identity, web side, marketing programme for 'Orientality' Conference, and more...

Academic body. Pembroke Centre for Persian Studies, Cambridge University

Project. Brand identity development. Cross-channel creative development for web and conventional media, content publishing digital platform

Scope. Since before opening of the Centre for Persian Studies at Pembroke College I was involved with branding effort and cross-media development of the Centre’s content presentation. Being a principle design consultant I was ensuring cross-channel brand consistency while designing for both digital and conventional communication. Managed back-end production team; UX, UI, mobile-optimized responsive web design, art direction, and graphic design for academic conferences. Conceived Shahnameh Forever Series, and co-curated two exhibition in the series. Participated in Festival of Ideas ‘Artist Talk’ at Cambridge University.


Link: Shahnameh Sentre Web Site

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