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Web Application Design

The company. JumpTap - before it was acquired by Millenial Media in 2013, Jumptap was a leading mobile marketing platform for advertisers and marketeers

Project. Redevelopment of the platform UX and UI

Scope.The main goal of the project was to streamline the platform processes for better user engagement, better sales force time management and overall increase in productivity.

Process. The standard UCD principles were applied during the ongoing redevelopment of the old and the development of the new platform features in the agile environment. The routine stages included user interviews, wire-framing, use case scenarios prototyping, and testing, visual design enhancement and unification with the marketing driven client-facing web redesign. New advertising units templates were developed to increase CTR.

Results. 50% sales force efficiency increase

New advertising units that resulted in 70-100% CTR increase

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