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(Agency - BlueMetal Architects)

UX and VD Prototypes for Native Apps:
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8

The company. BlueMetal Architect - interactive design and technology architecture consulting firm that employs the most experienced consultants in the industry to solve the most challenging business and technical problems facing our clients


The background. More people now visit online health sites than go to the doctor’s office, making health and wellness the most popular activity on the Web after e-mail and general searches. Beginning last year, medical and health care was the third-fastest-growing category of smartphone apps, with more than 17,000 available for download. And by 2016, some 500 million people were expected to be using mobile health care apps. 


The project. Health info online and on the go - to design a UX and VD concept for native mobile apps to showcase BlueMetal Mobile Capabilities in the Health Care Space during Micorosoft conference in Seattle, WA.

The apps tracking user vitals and overall wellbeing were developed and presented at the Microsoft conference in Seattle. Together with the Development team, I worked on design and production of the apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows 8 phone and tablets. 

I was a lead UX and Visual designer on this project.

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